​​​​​​​​​​​​Thank you for choosing Michael Dee's Motel/ Country Campsites for your vacation stay. We appreciate your business and look forward to building a lasting relationship with you, your family, relatives and friends.

Check in Policy: Guests may check in after 3;00 pm  Report to office, fill out registration card and pick up key. Guests needing an earlier check in must make arrangements in advance. Unregistered guests must report to the office.  Payment is expected at check in .

Check Out Policy: Check out time is 11:00am.   We do NOT offer early check in or late check out 

Pet Policy: Most pets are welcome at Motel/Campground. For the safety of guests, staff and the pets they must be kept under control at all times. They may not be left alone in room,cabin or RV for extended periods of time. Please clean up after your pet. Owner will be held responsible for damages done by pet. Pets must be approved by office prior to their arrival. 
Dog Fee  $25​​​,00 per dog per nite   Cats are not permitted

Guest Policy: Any and All visiting guest will be charged $10 per day All visiting guest must report to office at time of arrival,,pay the fee and receive a wristband . Wristbands must be worn at all times when on premises. Wristbands are non-transferable.  Lost wristbands will not be replaced and will incur another $10 fee​​
Owners must accompany ALL guest while on the premises . No Campground Check ins after 8:00 pm without prior approval   Subletting is PROHIBITED 

​Pool Policy: Pool is for Motel ,Tiny Cabins  and Campground guests ONLY. There is no Lifeguard on duty.  Use pool at your own risk. Adult must accompany children while in pool area,  No Dogs in Pool Area  NO EXCEPTIONS.
​No diving, running. roughhousing, bottles/glass in pool area. Pool open July and August weather permitting.  Pool Hours   10am - 8pm   Please do not leave garbage in the pool area

In case of Emergency Dial   911

Cancellation Policy: Guests canceling ( in writing text or email) more than 14 days prior to arrival will receive a complete refund
Guests cancelling 15 days prior to scheduled arrival will receive a 100% refund
Guests cancelling 14 days or less will NOT receive a refund 
All refunds are made by check and sent by mail unless other arrangements are made allow up to 30 days for processing 

Campground Policy:   RV camping only  Tents are not permitted at any time 

Seasonal Campsites Policy:  In order to reserve your campsite, Seasonal campsites must confirm with management of yearly renewal by Sept 20th. Payment must be paid by Oct 15th  RVs not paid by Oct 15th must be removed from property by Oct 20th. All RVs not in compliance will be removed by Country Campsites.
Country Campsites not responsible for any/all damages to RVs.​​
​Building decks and sheds are permitted. Plans must be submitted and approved by Country Campsites prior to start of any/all construction.​
Additional charges may apply  Building security deposit will apply
Campers responsible to clean up after their dogs  Outside cats are not permitted​
Excess building material must be used or removed in a timely manner.​
Seasonal campsites are responsible to keep their sites neat and clean ,food and garbage must be removed and disposed of properly,  Outside storage on site is prohibited , no boxes, tubs or piles of junk covered by tarps permitted. All stuff will immediately removed by CC and disposed of properly
Campers are responsible for all damages caused by them, pets and children up to and including removal of RV transportation and any/all legal fees
Upon removal of an RV Guests are responsible to remove all decks, sheds and vehicles off the property at the same time
Possession of the site goes back to the campground   Any/All expenses incurred by campground for the removal of said property is the sole responsibility of the guest ​​
Pallets are not permitted at any time for any reason
Maximum of 2 cars permitted per campsite Additional cars will be charged $25 per night​
Two  dog maximum per site  additional dogs are $25 per dog per night
RV must be maintain and functional electical issues, Leaks water/septic will be temporary banned from occupancy until the repairs are made by a certified repairman ​and RV completely cleared for operation 
No additional tents may be set up on site  If set up campers will be charged $50 per tent per night plus $10 per night per person 

The is a 10:00pm soft curfew on noise and LOUD music. You can still have music but please turn it down and limit loud noise after 11:00pm
Show courtesy to other guests  

Are prohibited ​

of any or all of these guidelines will result in immediate removal from property​​


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